The stables are well balanced and stable. Their big plus is that they’re light. Every edge of the stable is secured and rounded. . It can be attached to the wall.

The delivered stable is already assembled – after unpacking the package, your product is ready to use, with no need to assemble anything or additional fitting.

Our standard stable comes with our shop logo on its surface.


  • Length: 58,3 cm
  • Width: 24,4 cm
  • Height: 59 cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Material: 6,5 mm plywood
  • Slots for hobby horses: 3
  • Diameter of a top slot: 3,8 cm
  • Diameter of a bottom slot: 3 cm
  • At the height of every top slot are 3 hooks to hang the accessories (in total 9 hooks) – we also add 4 side hooks. Every hook can be pulled out, they’re wooden and safely rounded. each hook is removable, the hooks are wooden and safely rounded;
  • At the height of every bottom slot is a place where you can write the horse’s name.
  • The top and bottom shelf can be used to keep your favourite accessories like blankets, covers, jumpers and other sets of accessories.


NOTICE: This offer includes only the stable. The offer does NOT include the accessories and horses shown in the pictures – they are used for product presentation.

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