When you buy a voucher, you will receive an electronic voucher with a one-time discount code for the value of the purchased voucher to the e-mail address provided. Such a voucher can be given to the gifted person in the mobile version; or it can be printed and submitted on paper.
The gifted person can make purchases in our online store, where after completing the transaction, after entering the code – a discount is generated for the value of the voucher.
* We do not spend the “change” on the voucher;
* There is a possibility of an additional payment above the value of the voucher;
* The possibility of additional payment for the option of receiving a printed version of the voucher to the address indicated (if it is different than the address of the Buyer, please enter the correct address in the COMMENT field);
* The validity period of the voucher is 3 months from the date of purchase.
You’re welcome!