The strength of our obstacle is the fact that easily attached handles are designed for hanging the beams, which makes the obstacle extremely comfortable to use. The poles fall off very easily when they are “released”.

Placing an obstacle is very simple and intuitive. The obstacle is also handy and easy to store in all living conditions.

Obstacle parameters:

* total height: 80 cm

* overall length: 85 cm

* maximum jump height: 180 cm

* minimum jump height: 10 cm

* Number of jump “levels”: 8. Levels 1 to 8 – the height changes every 10 centimeters.

* length of the wooden stick: 135 cm, the diameter of the stick is 22 mm – the set includes 3 bars;

* included: pegs for fixing an obstacle on a soft surface;

* in the set: 28 holders for bars;