These covers were made based on our experiences and problems with transporting/transferring the horses. We didn’t always want them to be visible for everyone or when we were taking them to the stable, they usually were standing in the corner and were collecting the dust. The cover is also a great alternative to pack your horse and take it on a trip. Additionally, our covers are designed by using fashionable and interesting patters.

The cover is made of waterproof fabric. It’s perfect for horses in sizes from A4 to A3, it’s a bit loose to put your horse in without any problems. You can also add some accessories into your cover. At the top, the cover is closed with a drawstring. In the bottom part of the cover is a cut-out on the hobby horse stick. After placing the hobby horse in the cover and closing it with the drawstring, you can hang it over your shoulder.

Our offer does not include a horse. The horse in the pictures present the given product.