You have your precious Hobby Horse and wondering, what’s next? The adventure doesn’t stop there, you’ll also want a place to put it in! Our stables deliver just what you need — display your collection with style, at the same time keeping all of your sticks within reach. The perfect combination of classic wooden aesthetics with a ton of practical use. No matter if we’re talking about a single stall or a whole rack — it’s a fantastic addition to any child’s room, especially when your boy or girl is an animal lover.

Stable for Hobby Horse — for a true jockey

Our collection includes a whole range of options for you to choose from. From a single Hobby Horse stall, to large stables that can store up to 3 stallions — those also provide a lot of space for accessories, such as spare bridles and breastplates. Check out our saddle houses as well (these little wooden doors sure look nice). If you want the full package, then we recommend getting our house and stables set — check the description for more information!