Choose a colour of your liking, grab your fluffy friend and let your imagination do the rest! Our collection of Hobby Horses will satisfy each and every mustang lover out there. Pick from a whole array of different coats, manes and accessories. From your classic duns and greys, to chestnuts, bays, and whites ⁠— we have them all! If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon jumping around with your children, or maybe you want to try your hand in some organized courses — you’re in the right place. Just start browsing through our selection and decide, which one will go straight to your stables.

Hobby Horse on a stick — perfect for any animal lover!

Our Hobby Horses are covered in super-soft minky fabric — available in many different colour options. Silicone ball stuffing makes them nice to the touch and extra safe, so your child can run and jump around freely. Our mascots not only make up great toys, but can also be used when putting together a special outfit for a costume party. Check product descriptions for even more information on specific models. Also, be sure to check out other categories of our online store.