What’s better than having your very own Hobby Horse to play with whenever you like? Making one yourself! Our online store delivers a whole collection of DIY boxes, which let you create a fluffy friend on a stick — you can design it however you want and have a ton of fun with a mustang straight from your dreams! We have many different options available. Choose the set that’s perfect for you and enjoy high-quality materials that will end up as one of the best toys that your child can ask for!

DIY Hobby Horse — make your own mascot on a stick!

Our collection includes several different DIY box options. In this category, you’ll find sets that allow you to make one, two, or even three stick horses, depending on how many you want in your stables. The sets include some minky material for the coat, yarn for the mane, silicone ball stuffing, a stick (bamboo or wooden), and other scraps for individual feel. You can choose the fur and mane colours before placing the order. Contact us in case of any questions!

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