Everything you need to start your own adventure with Hobby Horsing! Browse through the wares of our online shop in search of your very own fluffy friend on a stick. Whether it’s your very first one, or you just want to expand your stables — we’ve got your back! From single mascots, available in many different colour options, through high-quality accessories, equipment, and cosmetic items, to small-size stables and saddle houses. Start exploring our collection and jump around with style!

Hobby Horse shop — your own mascot on a stick!

Our Hobby collection just screams variety! Here, you’ll find a whole range of pre-made mascots (with many different furs and manes to choose from), as well as DIY boxes that allow you to craft your very own horse on a stick. Our shop also delivers a selection of equipment items — such as bridles, breastplates, or headstalls. Last but not least, you can build your own unique obstacle course with our selection of wooden obstacles. Check our products’ description pages to find out more!