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Hobby horse

Hobby Horsing is an absolute NOVELTY in the field of recreational and sports activities for children and youth.

This discipline originated in Scandinavia and is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, including in Poland. A hobby horse is nothing more than a carefully sewn stick horse, imitating a real animal. Users take it very seriously and value every moment spent on it. Hobby horsing not only provides the joy of riding but also offers opportunities for social gatherings and building relationships among friends who share the same passion.

In our store, we create and design a complete environment for hobby horses—from stables where horses and accessories can be stored; through obstacles necessary for training on hobby horses, to all kinds of additions and accessories for the hobby horse. Similar to real horses, a hobby horse can be fed, kept warm with blankets, capes, or sweaters. Horses are protected from insects by wearing earmuffs and fly masks. Hobby horses are fed treats and hay, and mineral licks are used to ensure they get enough minerals. We care for their thick manes using special hobby horse mane brushes.
When it comes to accessories, our imagination is the only limit, and it's wonderful that hobby horsing gives us the right space to develop it.

Riding hobby horses requires identical equipment as equestrianism: horses are fitted with bridles with bits, halters, and leads. Horses are led using a tether, and reins are used to hold the hobby horse's head. We also have various versions of these products—in different colors, sizes, versions, with or without fur. For horses, there are also bitless bridles, and for shows, hobby horse presenters with a chain have been created.

To validate their skills, hobby horsing enthusiasts meet at increasingly seriously organized competitions at both national and international levels, participating in events related to jumping and dressage. Entire families get excited about this discipline. Participants train for competitions for weeks, and the best hobby horse riders overcome obstacles up to 140 cm high.
The hobby horse discipline builds fitness, strength, speed, improves physical endurance, and provides a proper amount of exercise, which helps combat obesity.

Hobby horsing is also an excellent supplementary training for future riders.

Hobby horses come in a standard, plush version—most popular. The length of the stick determines their use: short-stick horses are excellent for jumping, while long-stick horses are suitable for dressage. These horses can be painted, shaded, and customized with patches—personalization of a hobby horse is unlimited.

The second type of hobby horse is realistic horses. Such horses perfectly reflect the structure and anatomy of a real horse's head. Realistic hobby horses are the top-tier products in the hobby horsing field. Equestrian enthusiasts often collect realistic hobby horses as stable decorations or as a reflection of the real horse they own.

KHT ARIA SHOP is the first professional WORKSHOP in Poland dedicated solely to hobby horsing. We run several product lines, from hobby horses and DIY horse kits to stables, obstacles, accessories, and interesting additions.

We focus on excellent quality and durability of products. Our strength lies in the people creating the company and the carefully selected contractors who ensure the delivery of the best quality materials.

All this contributes to the perfectly refined Hobby Horse!

Welcome to our world of hobby horse!