DZIEŃ DZIECKA: Zrób zakupy za minimum 150 PLN i dobierz BOX NIESPODZIANKĘ za złotówkę. Boxa szukaj w dziale: ŚWIĘTA I OKAZJE, DZIEŃ DZIECKA!


About us


KHT ARIA SHOP is the first professional WORKSHOP in Poland associated only with hobby horsing. We have several product lines: from DIY Boxes, stables, obstacles, equipment, interesting accessories to hobby horses that are always available. We are still working on expanding the range of products in our shop.

Every single product is our proprietary concept made from scratch. The majority of our products are protected by an European design patent rights.

Our aim is to give our clients the best quality and long-lasting products.

People who create our team are well selected contractors, who are in charge of delivering the best quality materials, are our strength.

KHT ARIA SHOP’s aim is to become a hobby horse market leader in Poland and Europe.


KHT ARIA is a nickname of a horse riding enthusiast, Zosi Pliszko.

During the pandemic in 2020, the studs were closed and horse riding camps were out of reach. This time was the beginning of looking for alternative forms of pursuing the passion for horse riding. Thanks to that Zosia found some information about horses on a stick, commonly known as hobby horses. This is how the new passion started. Since then, Zosia started to sew horses and accessories for them, still improving the final result of her works, creating her own patterns that style all of the products in the shop.

The enormous interest of the brand and coming up with more and more ideas for further development, contributed to setting up the KHT ARIA SHOP company.

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