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Enter the world of Hobby Horse! Our shop welcomes you with a grand selection of stick horses, equipment, accessories, obstacles, and more. If you’re looking for a way to begin your adventure and start jumping around — you’re in the right place!

Hobby Horse is more than just a toy. It’s a way of developing passion for animals, a fantastic outdoor activity for children, and a fluffy friend that you can tag along wherever you go. It is also an opportunity to develop creativity and crafty skills, thanks to our DIY boxes that lets you make your very own mustang.

Hobby Horse on a stick — more than just a toy!

Just let your imagination fly and travel to luxuriant green steppes, where you can jump obstacles and run freely until out of breath. Or maybe turn your room into a true stable with one of our special stall and saddle houses — that way your collection of stick mascots will always remain close at hand.

Explore all the categories available in our online shop. Also, be sure to contact us in case of any questions or doubts. See you on a course!


Create your Hobby Horse

With us, you decide what color your Hobby Horse will be. You can sew it yourself or buy a ready-made one. Then you can choose all the necessary accessories, such as bridles, rugs and halters. Your horse will look best in one of our original STABLES.


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